Every Third Upload on Pirate Bay is Porn


While video still dominates Pirate Bay uploads with 44%, porn comes second with 35%. Honestly, my guess was that MP3 files would make the second place but it looks like my guess was wrong. Music uploads are actually declining and currently make only 9% of all files uploaded to Pirate Bay. This shall not comes as a surprise though and has a logic explanation – increased popularity of music streaming services.

It must be noted that the overall activity at Pirate Bay is astonishing given all the legal actions taken against the site and increasing pressure from copyright holders. As of now, 75,000 files are added to Pirate Bay every month and the site is in top 100 most visited sites of the Internet.

Source of data: TorrentFreak.com

Tragic Death of Nvidia Marketing Manager

This post is a tribute to the Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz, 35, who was killed by a Caltrain while saving another man’s life.

As the train approached, the person did want to get out of the way, but between him and Phil, something happened and they were hit

The tragic event occurred on January 20th. Scholz died on the tracks. The man he tried to save survived. The news came as a shock to Scholz’s co-workers at Nvidia, though those who knew Scholz closely said the act was consistent with his character.

The act completely resonates with something consistent with the guy

Mercury News provides more details, though it still remains unknown what happened exactly and the only person who can shed light on this is in a critical condition.

Microsoft Confirms Shipment of 3.9 Million Xbox One Units


Microsoft confirms shipment of 3.9 million units of Xbox One to retailers worldwide since its launch in late November to the end of 2013. Microsoft also sold 3.5 million units of Xbox 360 in the last quarter of 2013. This is quite an impressive figure given that Xbox One is the latest generation of the console from Microsoft.

Let’s look at Microsoft’s main competitor in this area Sony. The Japanese company reports shipment of 4.2 million units of PlayStation 4 by December 28 of last year.

I was a long time Sony PlayStation user. When Microsoft introduced Kinect, I made a switch and never regretted. Xbox is so much more entertaining experience. It’s really interesting to see how Microsoft and Sony try to compete in the coming months and years. From technical perspective, both devices are equally powerful. However, Xbox has some advantage in terms of Kinect and the software infrastructure (Xbox’s OS, additional services like Skype, etc). On the other hand Sony PlayStation is cheaper. But is the $100 difference to win the battle?

What’s in Windows 8.1 Update?


Windows 8.1 update, which is expected in March of this year, shall bring a couple of interesting features along with reduced memory consumption. Microsoft’s move to reduce hardware requirements is understandable. Windows shall be able to run on low-end and thus cheaper tablets.

From new features, one of the most interesting is the ability to pin the Modern UI (aka Metro) apps to the taskbar. This shall make the transition between the Modern UI and desktop easier. While I still think that including both approaches in a single OS is a mistake (okay, I really don’t like it), this feature must make our lives easier.

From the screenshots provided by the Russian Windows leaker WZor, we can see that a power button now appears on the top right screen next to a new search button. While I don’t experience any difficulties in quickly shut downing Windows, the new power button shall make the process even quicker.

Windows Phone’s Popularity Grows in Europe

I must admit that I’m a big fan of Windows Phone and Nokia. With extremely few exceptions, I’ve always had Nokia as my primary device. The Finnish company (acquired by Microsoft) has always been making truly reliable devices. However, Apple with its iPhone put Nokia in an extremely difficult situation. Nokia’s Symbian OS looked like one from the Stone Age in comparison to iOS. However, with the adoption of Windows Phone, Nokia is still in the game.

According to the research data by IDC, Windows Phone is now ahead of iPhone in 24 countries: Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Data from Kantar, also confirms Windows Phone’s fast growth.

However, it must be noted that Windows Phone is outselling iPhone mostly in such markets where iPhone is prohibitively expensive. Sure, in Finland people can buy iPhones but hey that’s Nokia’s homeland and iPhone has no chance there.

Another big point is that over 90% of sales of Windows Phone is made by Nokia. The conclusion is that the other manufacturers don’t show much interest. My personal opinion is that this shall not be a big deal. Moreover, if I were making decisions at Microsoft, I would need no other manufacturer at all after acquiring Nokia. Apple’s having full control over the platform is one of the reasons why iPhone is so popular today.

Honestly, Microsoft has done good job in developing and pushing Windows Phone but the road is still long to the ultimate success. Microsoft and Nokia need to push high-end devices more aggressively and who knows, maybe in the next 3 to 5 years Windows Phone will pose considerable threat to iPhone even in iPhone’s traditionally strong markets of the US and Japan, where iPhone has 41% and 60% respectively.

Nikon Cameras to Support 4K Video Recording

These days more and more TV sets and monitors sport 4K resolution. However, 4K content creation has been lagging. TrustedReviews reports that Nikon representatives revealed that the company is planning to add 4K recording support to its DSLR cameras.

We are aware of the need for, and request for, 4K video recording.

Nikon has been avoiding adding 4K to its products. One of the reasons is that 4K puts considerable load on the hardware. As a “bonus” the price is increased too. However, in order to stay competitive, Nikon will have to add 4K recording capabilities, especially after Sony revealed 4K-enabled Handycam earlier this month.


7 New Web Domains Coming Soon


In the beginning there were only .GOV, .EDU, .COM, .MIL, .ORG, and .NET generic top-level web domains. Plus, each country has its own web domain. However, this situation was changed in late 2000 when ICANN introduced additional web domains: .AERO, .BIZ, .COOP, .INFO, .MUSEUM, .NAME, and .PRO. Since then, the original group has never been alone and the list of new web domains has been expanding continuously. Today, even the porn industry has its own web domain – .XXX, which went live in 2011.

Seven new domain names are joining the list: PLUMBING, .HOLDINGS, .VENTURES, .CLOTHING, .BIKE, .GURU, and .SINGLES.

As always, there was a so-called “sunrise” period, where only registered trademark holders could register the domain. The “sunrise” ends today and from January 29th, 2014 everyone will be able to register these new domains. So, make sure you grab your .GURU domain fast. Me? No, thanks. I’d better stick to .COM :)

The Pentagon Saves BlackBerry

blackberryIn business and more generally in economics competitive advantage is king. Your competitors may do great things but if you have some advantage over them, you can capitalize on it. This is what BlackBerry has been doing recently and it seems that the strategy is paying off, at least in the short run.

The Pentagon is launching a new wireless network and BlackBerry will be the primary device on it. Why not iPhones, Androids or Windows Phone? Well, those devices and systems are not secure enough. According to BusinessWeek, the US defense will be buying 80,000 BB units from the Canadian company. Market has quickly reacted and the BB share price has skyrocketed from $5.75 six weeks ago to $11 now.

The bottom line is that BlackBerry is gradually capitalizing on its strengths and instead of fighting with Apple, Samsung, Nokia and other consumer-oriented companies, is returning to the corporate market.

It’s really interesting to see how things will work out for BlackBerry.

Stealing Money in a Game Pays You Real Money


If you are into “defense” games, there’s good news for you.

The Castle Doctrine is a home defense game that actually pays you whatever money you manage to make in the game, mostly by stealing. The game is in alpha right now and shall be released on the 29th of January, 2014. You can either defend your home and rob the homes of others. The nice idea is that the developer of the game is taking a portion of the money that he has made from the alpha release and puts up this contest.


The overall fund of the contest will be $3,000. This bounty will be divided between players who are alive by at the 5 PM deadline. $282 in game equals to $1 USD real money. So if your house is worth $50,000 you’ll win around $177 USD.

Like it? Start stealing, start winning at http://thecastledoctrine.net/stealRealMoneyContest.php

Marijuana Experiment in Washington


According to BuzzFeed, Bill Gates has voted “yes” in the Marijuana legalization referendum. America’s wealthiest person’s state, Washington, is the second state after Colorado to legalize recreational use of pot.

Mr. Gates poses a couple of interesting questions.

Can they keep it out of minors’ hands? Will it reduce alcohol consumption? Are there some people who use it at levels you might think of as inappropriate? Will drug gangs make less money?

Effects of such decisions are difficult to predict. Even if there is a precedent, social laws are not like laws of physics and there is no guarantee that if something works in one state or one country will have the same effect in another. So, it’s really interesting to see how the program develops and what the real effects will be.