Fixing your car – the OBD scan tool way

With the arrival of the OBD 2 scan tool , the process of scanning and detecting faults on your car may now seen to be just another walk in the park. Most places where the technology took effect earlier have however enjoyed great progress in terms of ensuring the peace of mind experienced by motorists.

Being made to consult specialists may in some cases be so hard while the job is as simple and can be done by the car owner himself. OBD scanning does not necessarily be when something is wrong. In the same vain, it does not mean that something needs to be replaced.

OBD scanning may involve;

  • Connecting the diagnostic scan to your engine just for the sake of getting the necessary codes maybe what you aspire for. These are divided into several digits covering areas of body power train and chassis areas.
  • The manufacturer information and the generic codes will be also seen in the second digit.
  • The other known area is where the emission is managed. It shows the engine status and the several other surrounding aspects.
  • The scan problem may b e detected within the last 2 digits of the scan codes. Some of the known codes are the P0170, the 0P00009, the P0010 relate to the areas of the system functionality.
  • The usual visible part of the OBD2 connection is in the area of the engine where the data link connector DLC is located. The DLC comprise of 16 pin plug and helps in the coding process. Because it’s for the drivers use, it’s placed in his close vicinity with one connection going to the battery for power and the other connects to the internal computer.
  • The 16 pins of the DLC are each assigned a duty. However, the allocation and the color coding of these pins rest with the manufacturer. Keeping in mind the current world order, the present OBD2 scan tools have greatly been innovative. For instance, the use of solid brass in making the pins is a stark contrast to the crimp pin which was used initially. The brass is strong and hard to bend and break. Ensuring the durability of your OBD 2 scan tool is what the brains behind this target.

How to know if your car has OBD2 Connection

With the speculated high levels of pollution and the ever rising number of cars con the roads, the onboard diagnostics has been seen to solve all these. If we are to point out the fact that the OBD 2 was specifically designed to help the motorists known the relative healthy levels of their car use. That is because the damage can go either way health wise or vehicle wise.


The fuss over OBD2 scan importance may not miss anyone with interest currently. However, the intriguing thing is the art of knowing if your car if fitted with OBD2 tool. This may be a challenge to many of the modern motorists.  In the United States, the regulation since 1996 has ensured that all the vehicles ranging from cars to light trucks are all fitted with OBD 2 scan tools.

Knowing for yourself will only involve a little inspection of your car. Two quick things can help you on this;

  • Check the OBD connector in the area close to the driver’s seat by just pulling the seat up.
  • You can also check on the nameplate where an indication of OBD2 compliance is usually displayed for all to see.


Buying a scan tool therefore involves some conclusive research at ensuring that the whole information concerning the seller is clear to the buyer. Certain accompanying aspects of the scan tool will be handy if you were to have successful use of the scan tool.

Having clear manual will save you lots of time and money. Above all, the compatibility of the scan tool will be of utmost importance. So getting the best OBD scan tool in the market despite costs is the key to a great scan experience. Why not try to get an OBD 2 tool for your car today. The superiority and modernity will be fit for your car to last as long as is required.

User basics- learn how to use your OBD II reader

In previous post, i talk to you about how to planning to buy an OBD scan and what to consider. In this post, we will discuss about how to use your OBD2 scan reader.

Having an all important tool like the OBD II scan tool is quite relaxing.  The tool is the perfect diversion from the mechanicalbreakdowns intermittentlyaffecting most motorists. However, like all the processes of learning, it requires patience and resilience getting to grasp then different aspects of the scan tool.

Learning theway to use the OBD II scanner for your automobile may be the best venture that you just may constantly invest towards your auto’s health. It may assist you in protective tons of or maybe thousands of bucks in auto vehicle maintenance.

For starters, the OBD II auto-scanner or the second generation on board diagnostics is diagnostic equipment that goes into your auto’s processing machine to retrieve for you and show any automotive complications that you are also possessing. It acknowledges confirmed errors from your auto’s laptop computer and acknowledges what has got to be mended for your automobile to work at its best level.

Once you’re responsive to what the problem is with your car then you may continue and fix it yourself if you’re feeling certain enough to try to do so. Otherwise you may take it to your auto vendor or any auto-mechanic knowing what has got to be repaired.

The OBD II readers are basically meant to perform on vehicles from 1996 or newer. Earlier vehicles are not considered to be friendly with the OBD II code reader and would be suitable to be used with an OBD 1 auto-scanner to facilitate repairs with motor-vehicle vehicle faults found.

There is a comprehensive range of OBDII scanners obtainable in today’s marketplace.However a number of the notable ones on demand are brands which carries with it Actron and other highly visible brands if but to mention but a few. Lots of them have various capabilities which will fluctuate depending on the standard and strengths offered by the said brands.

actron obd2 scanner

Certain elements regarding the utilization of some of the OBD II scanners on your automobile might come from every corner.However it is basically considered that the same criterion applies to just about all. Most of them are utilized on the plug and play basis and the convenience.

When to use?

When looked at,the OBD II scanner use is best when your motor-vehicle engine is turned off. Then you’re needed to plug the OBD II auto scanner to your motor car’s electronic computer system. This is what is done for close to all models of motor-vehicles.

The OBD II is found beneath the dashboard near the steering wheel.This allows its use to be more driversfriendly.When the plugging of the USB is done, then you switch the vehicle’s ignition on and push on with the reading on your auto with this scientific device.

Motor Vehicle

It typically takes a number of seconds for an on board diagnostic to return back the autos scanner display. Here, the user gets to conveniently read and understand the codes. A few OBD II models however, can inform you of what the concern is. Others can solely hand out to you a code description that you can look over at a code directory for your automotive to be able to rectify the code connotation.

The known code handbooks are generally located in the manual of your particular OBD II reader which comes as a hard copy or can be quickly found online. In addition certain readers return with their own application code that you will transfer onto your computer at home. Through the computer display, you get to see the data in a better view.

This way,   you will get a more elaborate intelligence regarding your auto’s troubles and recommend some repairs. What remains to be seen is, OBD II scanners are useful tools at your disposal. If you’re skilled at mending things automatically or simply need to grasp what is out-of-order, then the scanners are what will suit you.

You can precisely protect yourself together with your vehicle and not get cheated by some dodgy dealers then do yourself a courtesy and obtain yourself one OBD tool. The heap of cash you might reserve in the eventual run can be irreplaceable.

Planning to buy an OBD scan? Here is what to consider

With the diversity presented in terms of the available OBD scan tools in the market, making a choice can be an uphill task. This fact is further aggravated by the numerous manufacturers whose number is increasing by the day.

In consideration of a purchase, several factors are worth giving a thought. These may include;

  • The OBD scan coding range- some scan tools have the ability to have wider coding. This is especially if they are covering both the generic and the manufacture specific codes. With wide code coverage, comes the compatibility of the scan tool. For this reason, it is imperative that one should visit the EPA website for complete list of all the universal diagnostic tools they recommend. While most of the known second generation scan tools work universally, some do not.
  • The internal hardware components support- the likelihood that you may get an OBD scan tool which do not have the requisite support is usually very high. However, most known OBD 2 scan tools offer support within the known areas and that is why they are termed as universal scanners.
  • Price differences- price usually is the major determinant of the shopping power of any given individual. Price is a major determinant of most consumer choices. The OBD manufacturers are not lost to this fact and they manufacture products of diverse prices.
  • While lower priced scan tools may work fine, it is proven that in most cases, the lower the price, the fewer the features. OBD 2 scan tools are priced higher and provide better services in comparison to their OBD1 counterparts whose functionality is seen to be lowered. However, consider the money you have before making a purchase.
  • EPA recommendations – because the environmental protection agency in the United States is the sole custodian of most of the OBD legislations at the moment, it is only wise to consider what they think. For instance, there are certain set parameters within which these tools work. The emission requirement regulations must be some of the considerations.
  • For instance you need to check whether the tool has the popularJ1979 SAE specifications. However, if you are buying outside the US market, certain tools are worth giving an eye, for instance, using OBD 1 scan tools which do not involve much detail may be the best option.
  • Internet connectivity- the era of the internet is here to stay. It is therefore wise to purchase an OBD scan tool with internet features. Moreover, these features usually give such tools the upper hand in determining whether they can easily upgrade online. If it upgrades, there is likely chance that the user will enjoy more pronounced features and compatibility. This feature is rather of importance currently with influx of several new car models in the market that may call for buying of new scan tools.
  • The software specifications- each scan tool is known to come with its own unique in built software. In most cases, the software determines the manner in which the scan tool codes. The more pronounced software features, the better for the user. With better software features and the proper installation and user guidelines, there is likelihood that the user will enjoy good use.
  • Manner of action- ask yourself what you need the scan tool for, and what extra features are there. For instance, it should be able to have an option through which the user can access the data at a later date and time. This may save the owner or the technician from having to stick his eye on the screen as the coding progresses. Moreover, the save data feature can allow for further analysis of the data.

Why consider?

Choosing an OBD scan tool may pose quite a challenge if you are just a beginner. The need for which the vehicle you are purchasing is to be applied will in some cases put you at risk if the requisite data coding tools are not put to its rightful use.

It is therefore imperative that clear cut considerations, covering all the genres are given thought if you are to have a successful use of your car ion whichever area you are. Cars are meant to provide comfort to its owner after all.

You should read some customer reviews like amazon product review page before deciding to buy any OBD2 Scanners, it may help you chosen the best to keep handy in case things ever go wrong.

Used car data security-why not go the OBD ways?

Most people in the developing world usually get lots of problems getting to keep the original information which pertains to the cars they drive. The problem is in some cases made even worse with the inability to have this data stored even for the cars at the point of purchase.

new car models

It is however possible with the right use of technology. OBD has been found to help most users in such a situation get to know the specific areas where the car has really developed faults. If the car is installed with the device, then it is quite an easy task.

The main problem only arises when this car in question is not installed with the OBD scan machine. Most manufacturers of new car models are required legally to install their cars with these tools. However, chances are that this law may not be applicable in some areas where the car manufacturer has taken root or operates from.

For those who are purchasing the old cars from Japan where this law on emission is not at its strongest, it further complicates the OBD equation. It calls for the buyer requesting for an OBD scan to be installed so as to b e able to review the state of the car to be purchased.


The purchase and installation of the OBD scan tool followed by the running of the software on a PC will propel the tool into action. OBD 2 tools are fitted with unique cables meant to link them both to the power source and then engine. Though the interface of the OBD covers several; areas of the car, it majorly covers the car engine.

The OBD scan tool in essence is sold with these connecting cables. The process is as simple and may save the user substantial amounts of time and money. With a fully functional converter, the OBD scanner is an easy to use tool, based on the unique color codes it has. The scanners are however working on the basis of the coding fed in its top of the range software. In most of the cases, the coding language is explained in the user manual which accompanies the device. For those OBD scan tools of the current make, the codes come interpreted on the tool’s display.

Most people nowadays prefer the highly sophisticated tools which are known to give more varied results. Ranging from the reading of data, storage, and analysis through a graphic manner to the known freeze data, the modern scan tool has it all.

Innova Scan Tool

The design and brand of the scan tools in most cases contribute to their popularity. Take case of the INNOVA scan tool, with its high tech features and a wide range of customer support services, the comparison cannot be made with other lower cadre scans.

OBD goes a long way in helping the old car user secure him and get an assurance of buying a roadworthy car.  Most of them are just perfect for this task though if you have the means and time. Go for those with improved features.

Features alone do not dictate what the OBD scan tool delivers. The new brands of Bluetooth scans are known to be fairly price yet they give better results. There are other OBD 2 scan tools which are highly priced and may not give you the best. Though, it is not worth forgetting that the older generation scans are cheap and have shallower features.

The process of choosing a scan and selecting your second hand drive car can in some cases prove to be quite a challenging task. The buyer can tell the dealer or the agent to get only a second hand car with the tool already fitted. You also need to get the services of a mechanic if you are not so sure of yourself.

The jury is out, the search is over and you have your used car. What remains is that you just keep the car engine in its rightful shape by keeping the engine scanned. If there is any fault, conduct a self repair or just pull over at the nearest mechanic for immediate help.

The concept of engine Light in OBD2

For the users of OBD readers, one thing attracts the user’s attention, the term engine light.

In most cases, the engine light gives a visualized thought of some nonexistent fantasy. It is however worth noting that its significance is what matters in most cases. Most motorists may tell you that they do not comprehend it all together.

check engine light

What most motorists do when this thing comes up is simply to go to the engine and check. The coding procedure involving the use of most OBD scan tools involve the engine computer system receiving the fault message. When this signal of check the engine light comes, it is therefore supposed to mean checking the engine from the fault.

The code sensors fed on most of the readers have the capacity to detect all manner of engine stress. The gravity of the problem could small or serious. The engine light is the first step towards the car repairs. Depending on how the light flickers, it may not be an immediate action.

Check engine light is the most fundament al part of the onboard diagnostic tool. The areas which are best monitored using bit involve;

  • Speed checks.
  • Temperature and fuel levels.
  • Engine condition.

The OBD scan is created to facilitate this through several enabling parts.  The OBD software which is made to work with the oxygen sensors and can detect the fault spark areas is usually considered the most essential.

Because of its electronic nature, the check engine light system in OBD scan tools usually run through the car system and may find something which is beyond its correction. Though the OBD scan tools of the new generation have the ability to correct most faults, when the light flickers, it may be time to consider visiting a mechanic.

OBD scan tools operate on the basis of codes and may in some cases cover diverse code information. Mechanics who employ the use of the OBD scan tools find their work to b e generally easy. The codes can be put to an analysis and therefore the mechanic gets to go to the cause of the light.

Is the engine light important?

The affirmative is better if this question is posed. Any corrective system has to have its safeguards and the OBD has the check engine light as its mode of operation. Most of the OBD scan tools perform marvelously well. Most scan readers are;

  • Fast- the check engine light signal is in most cases received in record time. The level of urgency the engine light may portray can in some cases make the car owner avoid an impending danger.
  • Reliable- the engine light signal will only flickers when the fault codes are read and nothing else. The mechanic can rely now this unlike in the past.
  • Cheap- Check engine light concept is relatively cheaper. In terms of finances attached to the use of technicians to diagnose vehicle fault and the present OBD scans, you are likely going to agree that this engine light is cheaper. It allows for quick repair before the problem escalates.
  • Timely- it’s recommended that stitch in time saves nine; the check engine light concept is your timely stitch which saves you from perennial visits to the mechanics and the associated costs.

In most cases, the check engine light signal may be persistent. It could be assign of bad oil in the engine which has not been replaced for a long time.  Regular oil changes while checking the overall condition of the car engine is one thing that has been known to reduce the chances of persistent check engine light.

It is only important to have the signal when the codes detect a fault and not when a false alarm is sent because of what can be avoided. It is advisable not to allow several problems to accumulate because it may be a pointer to more serious problems which may cost dearly.

Avoiding the check engine light while using an OBD scan fitted car is not easy, what one needs is a car with the best state of engine health.